STEPL On-line Data Access System



The “STEPL Input Data Server” uses the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 2.1.  You must have Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or higher installed to use the data server.


Key features of this data server include:

·         More stable GIS platform using a simple and modern Web 2.0-style user interface.

·         Additional map layers.

·         Street map.

·         Aerial map.

·         Elevation map.

·         Boundaries and places.

·         State and County boundaries.

·         Watershed boundary dataset (HUC12, HUC10, HUC8, HUC6, HUC4, and HUC2).

·         NHDplus catchments.

·         NHDplus flowlines and waterbodies.

·         Updated datasets.

·         2011 Landuse area distribution at the Subwatershed (HUC12) level.

·         2012 Agricultural animal count at the Subwatershed (HUC12) level.


Click the link below to access the new online data server for STEPL model, or view the User Guide first (User Guide).


STEPL Model Input Data Server


Last revised: 10/27/2017