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Models and Documentation

(Last updated: 03/15/2018)

STEPL 4.4 Updates and New Features

STEPL 4.4 User’s Guide

STEPL 4.4 Spreadsheet Model for 10 Watersheds (Microsoft Excel 2016)

STEPL 4.4 BMP Calculator

STEPL 4.4 Installation Package

Note: This update includes new BMP types (cropland and pastureland) and this version of STEPL has been upgraded to be compatible with Windows 10 and Excel 2016. It is also compatible with Windows 7 and Excel 2013.

STEPL 4.3b
(Last updated: 01/16/2017)

STEPL 4.3b Installation Package

Note: This version of STEPL has been upgraded to be compatible with Windows 10 and Excel 2013.

STEPL Training

EPA STEPL 4.4 Training Webinar (March 20, 2018) [EXIT]

EPA STEPL 4.4 Training Slides (March 20, 2018)

EPA STEPL 4.3 Training Workshop DC (August 25, 2015)

Audio archive of Wisconsin STEPL 4.3 training (August 5, 2014) [EXIT]


Region 5 Model

Region 5 Model for Estimating Load Reductions (Microsoft Excel 2016)
(Last updated: 03/15/2018)

Updates to Region 5 Model
(Last updated: 09/28/2017)

Region 5 Load Estimation Spreadsheet Model (Microsoft Excel)
(Last updated: 11/23/2009)

Training Manual for Calculating Nonpoint Source Pollutant Loads and Reductions - an aid for understanding the Region 5 Model, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality [EXIT]
(Last updated: 11/17/2005)

Training Webinar: Introduction to the Region 5 Model, Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy, November 18, 2014 [EXIT]


Additional Documents

STEPL 2.2 Field Data Entry Sheets
(Last updated: 07/01/2003)

Region 5 Load Estimation Model Field Data Entry Sheets
(Last updated: 07/01/2003)

BMP Descriptions for STEPL and Region 5 Models
(Last updated: 03/15/2018)

Nutrient and Sediment Estimation Tools for Watershed Protection
(Last updated: 03/15/2018)



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